Is Text Marketing One Way to Measure Conversion?

John Hope-Johnstone

I have been enthralled with permission based text marketing ever since I stepped off a plane in Las Vegas, turned on my phone and received a text from the hotel welcoming me to Las Vegas and offering a 20% discount on my dinner in their main dining room. This was my first experience with permission based text marketing and I thought it was great!

I had given the hotels text marketing company my permission to use text marketing after making the reservation. (It was suggested on the reservation confirmation). I texted a given number, and in the text copy placed the name of the Casino. I could opt out at any time (and I did upon leaving the hotel at the end of my stay). I received four special offers during my stay, which saved me a goodly amount of dollars.

While text marketing at the moment is not main stream and seems to be used primarily by restaurants and attractions, it can be used by any bricks and mortar business who would like to develop a text client base to fill quiet periods. Its advantage, IT’S IMMEDIATE!

There are many good text marketing companies out there to be searched, but you must choose your provider carefully. Look at their client list, are they of the same quality as your company? Contact their clients and ask if they have been happy with the service and make sure that their policy is to NEVER resell your clients to other marketers, this could massively hurt your reputation.

The tourism industry is always looking for ways to measure conversion, could this be one of them?

In the advertising fulfilment piece, or on-line, it can be mentioned that IF the prospective visitor comes to stay in the region they should open a text account during the time they visit so that they can receive specials. As soon as you see action on that account through the analytics provided by your text marketing company, you will know that conversion has or is about to take place.

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