Key Social Media Trends for 2011

John Hope-Johnstone

I have been doing some soul searching regarding 2011 trends in Social Media. Here are the trends that I believe have legs and will stand the test of time.

1: The Slow Demise of the Web Site. You can now sell on Facebook by allowing your customers to purchase. Even if you don’t offer ecommerce on your Web site, it’s now possible to provide that service through the social network. With the advent of FBML coding for Facebook business pages more and more of those pages are beginning to look like mini-Web sites. Do I think the mother-ship Web site will disappear, NO! However, for certain small businesses and service based organizations, I believe their facebook business page will become a more and more valuable asset.

2. Mobile Commerce. With 55% of Americans now owning a smart phone we now have apps for mobile banking and mobile deposits. So, watch in 2011 for significant movement towards mobile purchasing and begin thinking about how to accept payments via a mobile phone app.

3.  Quick Response (QR) codes. A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. The “QR” is derived from “Quick Response”, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. QR codes are still waiting for their break-out moment. But the 2D barcodes, which trigger URLs or information when scanned, continue to gather quiet momentum that could finally tap into the potential of the technology. I believe you will see them in car dealerships’, business cards, product tags, name tags at conferences, print ads and tourism signs and many many more. They will lead you to URLs that will give you a wealth of information about the subject.

4: Collaborative Consumption (aka Group Buying). The consumer is fighting back! Rather than passively accepting marketing over social media via banner ads and facebook business pages the consumer is joining forces to demand change in America’s corporations. Collaborative consumption on such sites as Groupon are slowly taking hold, with the help of 66 percent of Americans who feel that they and their friends can change corporate America by supporting bulk purchasing from those organizations that “do the right thing”.

5: Growing Corporate Dissatisfaction with Social Media. Forrester Research has shown that most companies still do not understand where to place and how to blend social media into their marketing strategy. This is not leading corporations to abandon social media, it makes common sense to “fish where the fish are”. However, it is leading to fierce debate within marketing community as how to define the ROI of social media. I believe that in 2011 you will find more companies accepting that for them, social media falls within the realm (but not exclusively) of Public Relations and Promotions, wherein, brand awareness and positive public attitude  are the top goals of social media.

I hope this has given you some food for thought. Of course, there are a gazillion other trends out there. Place a comment and let me know your favorite trend.




  1. Mary Pat Parker says:

    Good stuff John!

  2. buzzmaster says:

    Thanks MPP, Happy New Year.

  3. Nice article. I just finished creating
    It is the first ever QR Code Generator designed for Social Media and Social Sharing.
    Please give it a try! 2011, the year of the QR Code!

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