Social Media Leaders Podcast

John Hope-Johnstone

Hola, I have been having great fun with Podcasting recently. Since my early days were spent in radio and television as an announcer I tend to gravitate towards the ease of Podcasting. In addition, it allows me to meet and chat with some very special people who are leaders in social media in their fields.

The follow is an interview recorded on September 8th 2010 with two top leaders in social media marketing for tourism. Mo Sherifdeen, @mosherifdeen, who oversees all things digital for Travel Oregon, the tourism marketing agency for the State and Troy Thompson, owner of Travel 2.0 Consulting, a well known blogger and tourism consultant. Mo and Troy have been co-writing the well read blog Travel 2.0 for a few years and are both highly respected in social media arena. They discuss the challenges that destinations have in maintaining their leadership role through the constant demand for new content. They will also discuss how tourism marketing budgets are changing to accept the importance of social media and also the concept of marketing destinations via QR (bar) codes and bar code readers on smart phones. Click on the Podbean logo below to listen to the fun interview and learn lots:

Our next Podcast interview on Social Media Leaders is with Bill Geist and will be posted on on Monday September 27th 2010. Bill is President of Zeitgeist Consulting, a firm specializing in strategic planning, marketing and legislative issues for DMOs. Bill is renown in the tourism field and one of the earliest adopters of social media.



  1. Why is Social Media Marketing so hard to undetsand? Business owners get with the program! and start using it to grow your tiny little businesses…….

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