Getting fans on your facebook fan page

John Hope-JohnstoneHola, so you are now the proud owner of a facebook fan page for your business. You have obtained 25 initial fans so that you can acquire your shorter and simpler URL for the page and now you are ready to go gangbusters promoting your business. How to do it? How to do it? Well this is the theme of this blog posting.

A while back I wrote a post informing my readers that I was not a big fan of fan pages on facebook. The reason was simple, they take the “social” out of social media. In addition, most fan pages don’t offer anything of value. If I get a message saying “Peter XXX recommends you become a friend of blah blah fan page” my reaction is nearly always “why” what’s in it for me.

Well, I have succumbed and fan pages are here to stay and I even have begun my own little fan page for my social media coaching company HPR Social Media. Here are some of the tips we have taken to heart to grow our fan page:

1. Make sure that the description box underneath your logo contains a keyword rich description of your organizations and what’s in it for them if they join .

2. Include a link to your website for more information.

3. Pull your blog posts into your facebook fan page to give it fresh content and good SEO.

4. Add an opt-in box on your Wall and offer your fans the opportunity to:

A. Subscribe to your newsletter

B. Download a free copy of your latest How-To video

C. Obtain something free which they can only get by subscribing to your list such as a White Paper or a Webinar

You must provide a reason for your growing fan base to come back to your page time and again. Here are a few tried and true ideas I have stolen that can excite a fan base and help grow your following:

1. Create a media calendar for your blog posts that you are pulling into your page and place it on your page for all to see, this will allow them to see what new content is coming up and when .

2. Offer your fans exclusive deals on your products and services that they can only get by being your fans.

4. Post short video messages with good business tips and strategies that your fans can share with their friends.

5. Make sure your “personal” facebook profile page clearly lists the URL of your fan page in the info tab AND in the bio section under your photo.

6. React to your fans with direct messages as well as from your wall. Visit the profiles of your most engaged fans occasionally and acknowledge them. Comment on their page, their posts or something they’ve done well recently. Show them that you really see them and value your relationship with them.

7. Don’t be afraid to use “guest” bloggers on your fan page and guest videos and to promote others who have good content relevant to your services. It doesn’t have to be all about you.

Once you are in the habit of providing a useful facebook fan page environment, you can extend your outreach beyond facebook:

1. Make sure you shout-out about new blog posts, videos or other content that are pulled into your fan page on Twitter, Linkedin and other micro blogs.

2. Include your facebook fan Page link in your blog posts

3. Add your facebook fan Page link to your signature on all of your e-mails

4. List your facebook fan Page address on your business cards

5. Develop an e-newsletter that expands the information on your fan page and tell them about new content, events etc coming to your fan page.
7. Develop your key influencer list and  spend time every week befriending people who are influencers and who have large followings in the communities you want to reach. This is done in your profile page and on other platforms such as Linkedin. Once you find them gently inform them about your fan page.


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