Losing The “Social” of Social Media

John Hope-JohnstoneBonjour my friend, I was asked today (and just about every day) to join some organization’s facebook fan page by someone I know. This presumes: A) I like the person making the suggestion. B) I like the organization that has the fan page. C) That joining the fan page has some benefit, which admittedly some do but many don’t.

I know there are some excellent and informative “fan” pages on face book but we often lose the “social” part of social media when we transfer over to a “fan” page.

I believe that the key to brand promotion on social media is making a connection and getting to know and respecting individuals who, by the way, happen to work for a particular brand. We are allowed to get to know these people with an “ambient intimacy”. With a profile page we learn to virtually know and respect that person and then we have a better chance of accepting the brand. Having only a “fan” page is just not going to do that for some of us, there is no virtual intimacy.

Many organizations that I know and respect (and some I have worked with) have fan pages on facebook. I have recommended to them that this was the safe way to go to avoid the facebook police closing their profile pages. Some of them are doing some interesting things such as events, polls and special announcements, all of which creates value when you go to their fan page. However, we have to ask, how will a fan page effect the brand Web site’s analytics? Will people get enough information from a well developed fan page so that they will not want to move onto a brand’s Web site?

 Here is what we suggest: If you are thinking of opening a face book fan page: 1) Make sure that there is value in the fan page 2) Keep your profile page and increase the number of brand angels that have profile pages and have them help people find the “fan” page by promoting the “value proposition” not the page. 3) : Make sure the fan page sells the brand’s Web site?

Here is what I recommend for brand managers: Maintain you brand’s personal profile pages for brand angels but limit the brand message and number of friends to under 1,000 and increase the social networking aspect of profile pages. When people like a person they are more likely to be receptive to the brand.

Yes, I am starting a brand page for HPR Public Relations & Social Media but I won’t give up my personal facebook page because that’s how people get to know me

Please let me know your thoughts and comments, thanks for reading.



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