Measuring Social Media Performance Pt.2

John Hope-Johnstone

John Hope-Johnstone


Hola my friend, in the last post we discussed “one way” of reporting the positive effects of your social media campaign. 

I suggested to you that to be effective with your social media campaign, the increased number of friends, followers or subscribers in social media should be affecting the number of unique users of your brand Web site, as recorded by your Web analytics. If this can’t be proved then I would suggest that the social media department will someday be in trouble. You must prove that you create a positive effect on the bottom line.

I recommended that your report could begin with a “Value Statement” that would read something like this:

September Value Statement:

“During the month of September 2009, the social media department increased social media (SM) followers by 43% compared to September 2008, which drove and additional 750 new SM users to the brand Web site compared to a year ago or a 35% increase in SM conversion to the Web site.

Using the standard 20% conversion rate for the site, this means that the social media department increased sales by a possible 150 units at an average of $720 per unit resulting in $108,000 in new revenue. 

Social Media Report

Social Media Report

Ok, so you have a “Value Statement” and you have shown the increase (or decrease growth) in the numbers that drive people to the mother ship (brand Web site) to hopefully convert into a sale. Now you need to go into your Analytics and find the numbers for each of the SM platforms and show that you are not speaking incorrectly. The following “snap” does NOT relate to the above spread sheet but it will give you an idea of what I am speaking about, you just need to repeat it for the other SM platforms and you have got yourself a nice little report:

Facebook Stats

Facebook Stats

Now my friend, let me repeat, the numbers you see at the left snapshot from Google Analytics will not measure up to the Excel spreadsheet at the top. It is just offered as an example, so no comments about “bad math” etc.
Is this the definitive report for SM, nope, but it is a really good start. This is your bottom line report. This is the one that will keep the bean counters happy and upper management off your back.
Next week we need to talk about some of the softer reporting tools. Social media can do so much to enhance a reputation of a brand as being a great corporate and world citizen that this MUST be pursued and quantified. More next week.
If you would like a one on one coaching Webinar to help prepare a Social Media Strategy and develop a reporting tool for your organization then shoot me an email. It is very cost effective.
 Many thanks for reading, please leave a comment or a suggestion. You are the best!!!




  1. La lettura delle opinioni espresse in quest’ultimo post sono importanti per una visione sempre più chiara della validità dei media per la società odierna.Interessante e coinvolgente.

  2. Very helpful suggestion for tracking #’s. Appreciate your post.

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