Podcasts, where do they fit?

John Hope-Johnstone

John Hope-Johnstone

Aloha my friend: 
One of the social media platforms given the least attention these days are Podcasts. Podcasts are an audio or video program (yes the concept of ICarly.com could be considered a Podcast), they are formatted to be played back on iPods or MP3 Players or off a Web site and made available for free or for purchase over the Internet.

Podcasts are shows, similar to radio or TV shows, that are produced by professionals or amateurs and posted to the Internet for download and listening or viewing. Many podcasts are made available for free, though some ask to be purchased.

The name Podcasts derives from the combination of broadcast and iPod.

Podcasts can be downloaded individually or subscribed to so that each new episode of the podcast is automatically downloaded to the subscriber’s computer. You can subscribe to a podcast at the iTunes Store or websites for the podcasts. Podcast subscriptions are usually facilitated using RSS feeds.

Podcasts are one more way you can promote your brand message. It is especially effective when placed on your Web site  (like this Cisco Web site)and when it expands on your knowledge leadership.

It’s major advantage over a V-log is the time and expense that it takes to produce the content and the ease with which it can be transported by its consumers (i-pods and MP3).

Because of its ease to produce and distribute many Podcast channels have been established this is one example.

I am a great fan of www.commoncraft.com which produce simple videos on many subjects and one of their best is on understanding podcasting in plain English.

Fiting Podcasts into your social media strategy for brand promotion is an important question. We call facebook and MySpace, Linkedin and Twitter etc., “Micro Blogs” because of their limited writing wall space and the fact that they are used often to point people to additional sources of information through tiny URLs. However, a V-log (video) and a Podcast can also act as a Macro Blog if you remember to point them in the direction of your Web site at the end.




  1. Good advice John and nicely written. You may want to break your posts into shorter teaser pieces that link to (use the “Insert More tag” in WordPress) the full post. Makes it easier for readers to skim to a post they want to read.

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