Marketing Your Social Media Content

John Hope-Johnstone

John Hope-Johnstone

Bon Jour:  So you’ve created a twitter account and a facebook fan page for your organization. Your Community Managers are being busy little bees writing blogs. You’re posting videos on your YouTube channel and photos of your publicity events on Flickr, but… one knows about it!!

Most people using social media know how to promote each individual platform. Twitter for example you can use directory sites like Twellow and Just Tweet It.

The first key to improving your social media marketing is an understanding that each platform needs to cross promote.

My Web site is where I want people to end up. So the Micro Blogs like Twitter, facebook, MySpace etc., point to the Macro blogs (real blogs) which  point to my Web site.

So in my crazy little world I dream that Micro Blogs (Twitter, facebook, Linkedin etc) point to my Macro Blogs like which then point to my Web site In reality they all point to each other because in the real world  people enter and exit from many different directions.

Social Media Progression

Social Media Progression

The Web site analytics, shown below, prove that quite often my crazy dreams are actually followed. The top referrer on this day was from my blog, and that is just what I wanted. Positions 1,3,4,6,7 all came from my blog to my Web site. Position number 5 shows that my “shout-outs” from Twitter pointing to my Web site were also effective.

Web Stats

Web Stats


So cross promotion of platforms is vitally important.

To promote your business’ Facebook page, grab an official badge from Facebook to incorporate into your site. Don’t forget that your E-newsletters can deliver to your social media an audience who have already indicated that they want to get to know you better by opting in.

However, all these actions to market your media content are speaking to the converted. What about those who have never heard about you? Here we need to add a strategy involving Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I am a big believer in making sure that my topics are being searched a lot (no brain trust there). Now, it’s a bit easier for me because I write about Social Media and at the moment, that is a pretty popular topic.

So my next step is to make sure that the title and key words I am using are being searched by lots of people. Finding out how many people have searched your topic on the search engines you can pay some money and get some nice little bells and whistles from or get the basics free from Google at  which basically tells you how many people roughly have used the key word or key phrases.

If you don’t have a topic to write about (poor you), you can get all the hot topics from (all the top stories) or the hottest stories on the internet  or (best stories). They will help you develop popular content that is.

Remember make sure you are writing about a topic in which people have an interest. It is a wonderful world where you can actually check this out using Word Tracker or WEB CEO or Google to find the number of searches that have taken place using your title.

Now that you have refined your topic and title of your blog or even your Tweet or V-log you need to create a Google Adwords and Yahoo pay per click campaign. You will only spend money for actually clicks through to your blog or your video channel.

Does it work? Well here is a good example of the analytics for my blog . You can see that I opened a pay per click campaign around September 1st 2009 and then again at the end of September. 

Buzzmaster stats

Buzzmaster stats

Notice that my readership which usually plugs along at about 20-30 readers a day (and I am quite happy with that) suddenly zooms to between 60 to 100 readers a day when I turn on the PPC campaign.

Just to make sure you believe me, below is a chart from my Google Adwords campaign for the same time period:

Google PPC Campaign

Google PPC Campaign


So you easily see that when I turn this engine on. With the right advertisement, written correctly, and with search words that are popular in the search engines wonderful things happen to my blog readership.

To quote Steve Glauberman on June 12, 2009 in one of my favorite Web sites

“Social media has been embraced by businesses big and small, and that’s both promising and commendable. As you continue to invest in fleshing out these initiatives, though, keep the importance of promoting them in mind. Consider your cross-media marketing campaign as a whole, and look for ways each channel could potentially accommodate advertising for your social efforts. By increasing your visibility, you stand to directly increase the number of current and potential customers who choose to maintain an ongoing social dialogue with your company and brand.”

HPR Engage

HPR EngageBanner



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  3. That’s a great article. It really spells out what to do, why you should be doing it, who you should be doing it to and where the ultimate benefits are in terms of ROI.

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