John Hope-Johnstone

John Hope-Johnstone

Hallo (Hello in German): In last weeks post we discussed developing a “key influencer” list for social media and social networking. These are people you want as “friends” on facebook, or to follow you on twitter, or eyeball you on YouTube.  This is a list of the key people in your life (work or otherwise). Influential people who will go out and influence a bunch of other people, in other words keep the buzz going. It is basic Public Relations 101, it’s good marketing on steroids!!

Let me give you an example; some wonderful folks from Canada contacted my office last week to see if I could speak at their conference. It happens to fit perfectly into a time slot that I am in Canada (although not exactly that part of Canada, it’s sooo big) and so we said yes we would love to be considered. One of the questions we always ask is “how did you find us?” Well here is the path as far as I can figure it:
  1. They contacted the office of one of my Guru’s Bill Geist  and spoke to Terri, Bill’s High Priestess of Client Services who suggested me (thank you Terri!).
  2. Then they searched and went to my Web site www.johnhopejohnstone.com.
  3. From there they read one of the posts of this Buzz Master blog.
  4. Then read my professional profile on Linkedin
  5. Then I emailed a flip video (could have put it on You Tube).

Each of these steps is a step down a path to find out more about us. These paths can follow many different routes back and forth between the social platforms but the results are the same, people get to know us a little better each time they visit a social media platform.

In this instance, they used a personal reference (Terri) who knew of my book and then expanded by going to my Web site and then could have deepened it by going to my blog, (I don’t know if she did), then could have followed me on Twitter (@HopeJohnstone) and then got to know me a bit better through a flip video.

Other folks have followed me on Twitter then gone to this blog for a while, then read a bit more about me on my Web site, perhaps read my book, then met someone who knows me or has heard me speak… well, you get the picture.  

This week we are going to suppose that you have created your key influencer list (as we suggested in our last post) and now you are ready to pull them into your sphere of influence. Some of the people on your list you may already know, (these are the low hanging fruit). Others you will have heard of but may not have really met eyeball to eyeball, (high fructose). Ok, so could pick up the phone and call them and say…..what?  Most likely not even get hold of them, just leave some rambling message like an idiot.
You could send them an email (which is still valid). If you do decide to use the email route then make sure you have a mutual friend in common, ” Hi Harry, Gloria suggested that I send you an email as we are mutual friends”. The problem now is that you really have to go into your pitch RIGHT NOW! Such as “Harry, would you go to my Web site and see if you like my product click here”. Hmm, a bit pushy even if you do have Gloria in common but it might work.
In my book “How to Market Tourism in the 21st Century” (shameless plug) I write that; “We are increasingly participating in a “reverse market” where customers seek out potential businesses rather than the other way around.”
So here are my ten rules of Social Networking engagement:
  1. Remember your key influencer list is gold and that it is the quality not quantity that counts.
  2. For God’s sake have a strategy, why are you doing all this work, where are you going?
  3. Always send a note when you ask to become a friend and give a second connection or a secondary reason for wanting to become a friend “I heard you speak at the MPI conference”.
  4. Always send a note when you accept someone as a friend. “Sam, glad to be part of your group.”
  5. Be authentic, be real, don’t speak corporatese.
  6. Listen and look before you jump in and join a new community, it is a smart puppy that doesn’t bound into a new pack of hounds but spends some time sniffing…you know.
  7. Let people get to know you before you slip them your blog URL or Web site. (Remember the rules of dating.)
  8. Remember on the Web you ARE what you publish. Have something of value to say. Doesn’t mean you have to be heavy everytime, you can be funny (but on topic) but have a thread of knowledge that you are trying to impart.
  9. Encourage sharing, re-tweet but give credit. If you find something worthy of a good buzz give it “word of mouse”.
  10. Questions beat out statements 60 to 1. People love to respond to questions, but don’t do it everytime, it gets annoying.

Well my friend, that’s it for this week. More on engagement next week, it is a big topic. Thanks for reading the blog. Make a comment, add an idea, pass the blog along, argue with me.

 Talk to you next weekend.


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