Sorting out Social Media

Buzz Master

Buzz Master

Learning how to use the platforms of social media i.e. Twitter, facebook, myspace, You Tube and all others is all very good but you can hire more 18 year olds to do that for you. It still doesn’t tell you WHY social media has become such a marketing buzz word.

Social media falls under the age old category of Public Relations. There are seven publics in public relations and all of them can be affected by a social media or social networking strategy.

First of all, social media platforms are where a growing number of your consumers, markets, friends are congregating. Sooo, you want to be where your peeps are, right?

If someone ran into the room and yelled, “hey, everyone in your customer data base is gathering right now at the Jones Bar and Grill,” you would rush on down there and maybe buy them a round, or a hot dog, or something, wouldn’t you? At the very least you would mingle in and listen to what they have to say and get to know them a bit better. So in a nut shell that’s why social media is growing in popularity. It is simple, that’s where a growing number of your peeps are and that’s where they are talking!

Next week, I will chat about how to make all the various tools of social media i.e. micro blogs(like Twitter), real blogs, YouTube, Email, Web sites all work together. It’s a biggie so come back and visit.

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